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Martin Sheppard

Managing Director, Smart Connection Consultancy
Chief Executive Officer, National Sports & Physical Activity Convention

Martin has been in the sport and leisure industry for 40+ years, both in the UK and Australia.

Initially managing leisure facilities, parks, arts, museums and tourism precincts. Recognised for his innovative solutions for the procurement industry in the UK and Australia, Martin has also managed 17 contracts for Melbourne City Council. In the past decade he has worked with many sports at a global, national, state and local level, on strategies, sports surfaces and facility management.  

Martin leads the consultancy team and through our alliances and partnerships we can bring the best skills to each project from consultancy to events to investments and advocacy. Our network is extensive and some of these are listed in our partners page. 

We have a strong team of partners that make our events exciting, marketable and logistically easier as for events, from design to production, including social media, web design and publications, marketing, content development, stakeholder management and technological solutions.