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Facilities and Spaces Planning

Lack of planning paves the way to disappointment

Smart Connection Consultancy believe that planning should be about balancing a long-term vision (10-20 years) with medium-term outcomes (5-10 years), and short-term priorities (3-5 years) with immediate actions (1-3 years). To achieve this, a three year focus, annually updated, ensures that strategically and tactically an organisation can create impactful community outcomes.

How We Service Facilities and Space planning

Planning and Design

Whether you are considering a recreation plan, a facility upgrade, or a multi-million dollar leisure facility development, Smart Connection Consultancy can guide you through the process. Are you looking to encourage participation and greater usage of facilities or to realign your priorities? Our collaborators have helped local government, the not-for-profit sector, education sector, State/Territory Government and the commercial sector. Our skills will provide you with the confidence to achieve the vision and needs for your community, members or clients.

To provide supply and demand analysis to current provision and needs to ensure rigorous and objective planning. The Smart Consultation team ensures community and stakeholder consultation that enables a co-designed approach.

Our team comprises architects, consulting engineers, QS advisors and specialist consultants who work with you.

Bridging the gap between community sport and recreation with elite sport can be critical. We have worked with some of Australia’s largest sports to assist and guide their strategic process. From national to municipal regional strategies, we facilitate stakeholder collaboration to enable a workable solution where recommendations are owned and implemented by all involved.

Developing a strategic vision and focus is critical for any organisation moving forward, whether that be for the organisation or for a geographical or functional focus. Our approach to strategy development simplifies complex and significant challenges by facilitating a step-by-step systems approach for your organisation and associated stakeholders.

We help education providers quantify future needs by embracing data, key insights and resources with priorities to create impact. Our experience is to form collaboration with education providers, community and regional sport, and leisure and recreation.