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Failure to plan means planning to fail!

Smart Connection Consultancy believe that planning should be about balancing a long-term vision (10-20 years) with medium-term outcomes (5-10 years), and short-term priorities (3-5 years) with immediate actions (1-3 years).

To achieve this, a three year focus, annually updated, ensures that strategically and tactically an organisaiton can create impactful community outcomes.

Strategy Development

Significant expertise in developing a strategic vision for sport including organisational strategies, strategies for whole-of-sport, climate sustainability plans, facility strategies, participation strategies and growth strategies.

Extensively work with sports and their stakeholders to qualify future needs. To achieve this we embrace data and key insights, and align these with resources, grant applications, and internal priorities to create impact. Our experience is in community and regional sport and recreational indoor and outdoor facilities.

Communities use sport for exercise, recreation and social outcomes and the demand will increase. Organisations need to balance this demand between a social sport pathway and that of a competitive sport pathway.

The need for balance can be systematically planned and target specific cohorts to enable the sustainability of sport. We partner with sport, their stakeholders and our associations to provide visionary and pragmatic strategies that reflect the changing dynamics in the industry.