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Sports Surfaces

Embracing Technology to Meet Demand of the Community to have Safe, Quality Places to Play and Participate in Community Sport.

Smart Connection Consultancy has embraced sports surface technology and science to improve the performance of natural turf fields, hybrid and synthetic solutions to extend the intensity of use that some fields need to cope with increasing demand.

Our first choice for some sports is natural turf where we embrace the latest insights. Other sports require alternative solutions such as athletics (rubber tracks), netball and tennis (acrylic surfaces), and hockey (synthetic grass). We work with our client partners to support decision-making.

Some football codes, especially with clubs and associations in highly dense communities, have embraced synthetic grass technology to continually meet demands. Smart Connection Consultancy works globally to understand and create best practice to ensure the latest environmental considerations, heath practices and technology performance advances are not only embraced, but stipulated.


Australia and Europe have a significant range of health, environmental safety, and performance standards that should be used across Australia for every installation. The days in Australia of procuring at an International Federation standard sport surface are long gone and at times may be the start to achieving the desired outcome. Smart Connection Consultancy focuses on the community benefits, concerns and long-term outcomes, balancing People with the Planet and Prosperity, through our planning, procurement and project management.

That is why we are one of the world leaders on guiding sport on the use of synthetic technology for sports surfaces.


How We Service Sports surfaces

Sports Surface Strategies

Smart Connection Consultancy works with governments and sports to develop municipal wide and re-gional sports surface strategies for multi or single sport needs. We start with the natural surface and then explore how technology can support an integrated approach.

Exploring the need for a specific type of sports surface is critical to any feasibility study. We compare supply with demand needs, and then use the Smart Decision Making Matrix to identify the type of surface that best suites clients’ specific needs. That could include natural, hybrid or synthetic sports turf or rubber, natural or hard court surfaces.

Completing a business case to justify the need of a specific surface can be streamlined by using our Smart Whole of Life (WOL) costing model. We can support clients in developing financial strategies, funding applications and where applicable, offer funding packages with major financial institutes.

Our offering includes:

We understand the use of supply modelling by using demographics of the local community and the needs and opportunities for activating and retaining people in sport and active recreation which is paramount for a Feasibility Study or Business Case.

Our supply and demand modelling is critical to determine the needs for sports facilities including:

We work with partner associates to ensure best practice design that meets the needs of sports, reduces environmental impact on the landscape, and considers local residents. The procurement process is a specialisation of Smart Connection Consultancy, we have over 30 years’ experience and can provide options for Design and Construct; Design Finalisation and Construct; Detailed Design; and Replace and Recycle Strategies.