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Synthetic Surface Investment provides Increased Participation Opportunities

We continue to be impressed with the commitment of Local Governments across Australia who are exploring and committing to grow participation in community sport by investing in synthetic sports turf.

The technology is continually pushing the boundaries to meet the challenging needs in Australia, especially around UV, heat and the intensity of play. We have developed a specification that has been continually improved over the last decade to ensure that the local government and community sports needs are met. This approach should ensure that our clients receive a system that will last for years.

The continued desire to have fields that van play many sports include the use of light green sports lines, so that secondary and summer sports can be marked on the field more subtly than a field looking like an indoor sports hall.

If you would like to chat through the options available for community sport, call Martin Sheppard on 03 9421 0133 or email


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