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Launch of the Smart Guides for Synthetic Sports Surfaces

Smart Connection Consultancy are please to launch the next generation of Smart Guides for Synthetic Sports Surfaces for all levels of government, sport and the education sector.

As one of the globes’ leading synthetic sports surface consultancies, Smart Connection Consultancy is committed to sharing the latest insights so that the technology can help local government, schools and universities and community sport can meet growing demands for sports fields.

The latest generation of Smart Guides to Synthetic Sports Surfaces have been packaged into five volumes to help the reader, as follows:

  • Volume 1: Surfaces and Standards – sharing the standards of all the key sports, how the synthetic systems are constructed, whole of life costings for synthetic grass, rubber and acrylic surfaces.
  • Volume 2: Football Turf – Synthetic and Hybrid – exploring how the technology has been embraced by all codes of football, including Aussie Rules, Rugby Union, Rugby League as well as Football (Soccer).
  • Volume 3: Environmental and Sustainability Considerations – exploring the key environmental issues including microplastics, recycling and green engineering as well as how to embrace sustainability principles.
  • Volume 4: Challenges, Perceptions and Reality – an honest review of all the global research on key challenges around synthetic surfaces including player safety and injuries, environmental considerations, health concerns and heat.
  • Volume 5: Maintenance of Synthetic Long Pile Turf – exploring FIFA research with practical examples for Australia and the importance of maintenance linked to the intensity of usage.

Martin Sheppard, Smart Connection Consultancy Managing Director and Author said:

“The aim of this third generation of Smart Guides is to provide organisations who are interested or responsible for embracing the synthetic surface technology to meet growing demands, with easy access to knowledge to help their decision making. From a decade of experience, supporting over 75 projects in Australia worth in excess of $150 million, I often see simple mistakes make that impacts on how the facilities can be managed, programmed and maintained to optimise their life expectancy and maximise usage. I have shared these insights to allow organisations to appreciate proven solutions.”

The Smart Guides are free of charge and can be downloaded here.


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