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Synthetic Sports Surfaces Seminars Launched

Australia’s two leading sports surfaces consultancies have combined to offer the most comprehensive and up-to-date sports surfaces seminars ever held in Australia.

Ideal for local government and sports to appreciate the latest responses to the European legislation, the expected Chief Scientist (NSW) recommendations and the global innovations for the next generation of surfaces.

Smart Connection Consultancy and SPORTENG have combined their engineering and performance surface knowledge to develop these seminars, which will be held in Sydney (Monday 14th November) and Melbourne (Thursday 17th November).

SPORTENG’s Jarrod Hill said, “The importance of understanding the history and characteristics of a field to develop a sports engineering solution is critical for the life of a sports field, which SPORTENG embraces with a passion and depth that provides confidence to the client that it will provide the basis for a 20 year plus life. We will explore the key components of this in these Seminars and share our thinking on the design for future generations, especially around carbon neutral designs and reduction of impact on climate change.”

The seminars explore:

  • The pending impact of legislation in Europe on infills
  • The expected release of the NSW Chief Scientist recommendations
  • Surface Standards for the Football codes (Soccer, Union and AFL)
  • A new generation of thinking for Hockey Surfaces
  • Sports engineering design for next generation
  • 3G v’s 4G, infill and no infill
  • Recycling of synthetic sports turf
  • Industry health and environmental responsibilities

The two seminars will be held at:

  • Sydney – University of NSW: showcasing the Village Green (a unique multi-sports/activity precinct, and the most innovative design strategy seen in Australia, combining different surfaces for Football (11-a-side, 5-a-side and Futsal) Rugby, Tennis, Basketball, Running/Jogging, Exercise routines and passive leisure.
  • Melbourne – North Melbourne Recreation Centre: followed by a site visit to Kensington’s JJ Holland Park, which has recently been resurfaced after 10 years of intensive usage.

Smart Connection Consultancy’s Martin Sheppard said, “After 14 years of advising local and state government, sport and the education sectors, I can honestly say we are at a cross roads with the design, the systems and the way we judge sustainability and the impact of sports surfaces. These seminars are a must for any organisation who wants to understand the reality of synthetic sports surfaces.”

Places are limited, registration forms available here.


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